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How Breath Of The Wild Made Me A Zelda Fan 20 Years Later

Many herald The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as the greatest video game of all time. Whether you were 13 years old or going on 30, the title changed video game design forever. With its vast world, puzzle-laden dungeons, and innovative Z-Targeting lock-on system, the project led to the …

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The Legend Of Zelda: The Princess Deserves Her Own Game

This happened to many of us growing up: a parental figure who knows nothing about video games saw us controlling that little, green elf-man on the television and asked us what we were playing. You probably tried to explain that this is not simply Mario or “Poké-man.” This is an epic narrative …

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Our Favorite Zelda Moments And Memories

It’s Zelda week over here at Game Informer, and we’re getting that hype train rolling into Skyward Sword station by reminiscing a bit about some of our favorite moments from the iconic Nintendo franchise. I spoke to a number of Game Informer editors about the moments from the series that …

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