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How to change your name in Pokemon Unite

Like most games, Pokemon Unite also asks you to enter a profile name before you can start. But, maybe you chose in a hurry and would now like to change your name and are wondering whether it is possible? Read this post to the end to find out. Pokemon UNITE …

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How to transfer game data between devices in Pokemon Unite

Finally, Pokemon Unite game has been launched for both Android and iOS. Since it dropped on Nintendo Switch previously, we are going to teach you how to transfer your Pokemon Unite account to mobile! If that sounds like you, then this article will answer any questions you may have and …

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Pokemon Unite has introduced Blastoise to its ever-growing roster

Pokemon Unite has introduced its third new character since the game launched for Nintendo Switch on 21st July. The latest addition is the Shellfish Pokemon, Blastoise, meaning that all three of the Kanto starters are now playable in the game. Whilst Charizard is an All-Rounder and Venusaur and Attacker, Blastoise …

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