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Pokemon Unite welcomes Scizor to slash away the competition

When TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company revealed the second phase of the first-anniversary celebration for Pokémon Unite, players were to be treated with lots of stuff including three new Pokémon licenses, another map, and a tonne of other features. Today, the third and final Pokémon of this commemoration is …

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Pokemon Unite has added Tyranitar to its power-packed roster

It’s been melee all-rounder Pokémons’ time to shine in Pokémon Unite as a couple of weeks ago we saw the launch of Buzzwole and today, another one belonging to the same category is joining the MOBA’s massive roster. Pokémon Unite has just introduced the Armor Pokémon Tryanitar in-game and it …

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Pokémon Unite tier list: Ranked from best to worst

1 Pokémon Unite Attacker tier list Attacker Pokémon have low health but are capable of dealing massive damage to the opponents. It is a fun role to play and is very crucial at the same time, especially in the early game. As an attacker, you handle the top lane alongside …

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