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Xbox Confirms Some Bethesda Titles Will Be Exclusive, But Not All

When Microsoft announced it was acquiring ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda, many gamers were worried about what that means for some of their favorite franchises. Now that the acquisition is official, the Xbox company has given players an insight into what this move means for Bethesda games.  “With the …

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Xbox Game Pass for mobile adds touch control for new titles

Xbox has added touch controls to more of its titles available on mobile through the Game Pass app, as per an announcement made on Xbox Wire earlier this week. “Ultimate members have new ways to play these cloud enabled games via their Android devices – each now featuring touch controls!” …

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Top 10 titles to enjoy solo or pass and play on Tabletopia

Nemo’s War As you might guess from the iconic character of the game’s title, Nemo’s War lets you voyage aboard the Nautilus as the famous captain. Designed for solo play, it’s not constrained by the plot of the book. Instead you choose what kind of mission you want to sail, …

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