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DS Platformer Monster Tale Getting Modern Re-Release This Year

Majesco Entertainment announced that Monster Tale, the beloved and dare I say underappreciated Nintendo DS platformer, is heading to “modern game platforms” sometime this year. There’s no specification on which consoles those are, but one would have to assume Switch at the very least given the game’s Nintendo roots.  Monster Tale …

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Cyberpunk 2077 Last-Gen Review – A Tale Of Two Night Cities

Cyberpunk 2077 hosts a massive sandbox filled to the brim with politically charged conflicts catalyzed by powerful people. Protagonist V might grace the game’s box art, but the hero is overshadowed by Night City’s towering skyscrapers and intriguing citizens. From sunny beaches to gloomy landfills, Night City feels alive even …

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The Bard’s Tale ARPG Arrives On Xbox, Game Pass, And Switch

When most people think of The Bard’s Tale titles, they think back to the dungeon crawlers of yesteryear, genre-defining fare that turned us all into cartographers and mapmakers as we roamed the streets of Skara Brae.  The turn-based crawling and class-selection eventually gave birth to something new many years later …

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