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Pokémon Unite Review – A Thunder Shock To The System

The MOBA genre is a competitive space, as it typically features robust rulesets, requires team cooperation, and has a high skill ceiling that doesn’t always welcome new players. Games like League of Legends and Dota 2 continually change their gameplay meta with the release of new characters, which is a …

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Best Master System Emulators for Android

This is an article about Sega’s Master System best emulators for Android devices, so let’s talk about the Master System. Sega released the console (as Sega Mark III) in Japan in 1985, a year later in North America and in 1987 in Europe as a direct competitor to Nintendo Entertainment …

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PUBG Mobile ranks and ranking system explained

In pretty much every Battle Royale title out there, the most played mode is Ranked. And the reason for that is it rewards you with tons of exclusive items and most importantly you get to see your name featured on the leaderboards. Today, we will be discussing the PUBG Mobile …

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