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Slay the Spire tier list of best cards

1 Best Cards for the Ironclad The Ironclad is a warrior-type character focused on buffing strength and dealing damage. He starts with the highest HP at 80 and comes with the Burning Blood Relic, which allows him to recover six HP at the end of a battle. Card Name Energy …

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Slay the Beat review – “One-hit wonder”

Slay the Beat is a rarity in the world of mobile gaming. Developed by Gosiha – a studio with a few idle clickers under its belt – Slay the Beat is a completely free experience. You can download it without opening your wallet, there are no ads, and it lacks …

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Slay the Spire’s mobile ports are now in the QA process

MegaCrit’s iOS and Android versions of Slay the Spire are among the most highly anticipated mobile ports of the year. The card-battler roguelike first launched for PC, where it went on to win the adoration of most critics and players for its smart systems and incredibly moreish gameplay. Jon recently …

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