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Engage In Sci-Fi Nerf Gun Battles In Nerf: Legends

Publisher Game Mill Entertainment has pulled the curtain back on Nerf: Legends, a new sci-fi first-person shooter based on the popular Nerf toy line. The game arrives sometime this October and offers a more PG spin on a traditionally mature genre.  IGN broke the news earlier this morning, and the …

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The Anacrusis Looks Like A Sci-Fi Version Of Left 4 Dead

If you’re a fan of horde mode FPS games in eerie sci-fi settings, then The Anacrusis is likely for you. Set aboard an abandoned space cruiser, four friends can team up to mow down sprinting armies of tentacled aliens while utilizing various perks and weapons to stay alive. Based on …

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5 Sci-Fi RPGs To Play If You Like D&D

A couple of weeks ago, we explored a few of the many RPGs that offer a different take on the fantasy genre from that most familiar and well-known experience available in Dungeons & Dragons. Many experienced D&D players will be the first to tell you; one of the best ways to …

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