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Recompile – Official Release Date Trailer

Check out the latest trailer for Recompile, the upcoming hack’n’shoot ’em up game that explores themes like machine sentience and the nature of choice. In Recompile, you are a rogue piece of semi-sentient code, trapped in the Mainframe–a sprawling digital wasteland run by the Hypervisor, a homicidal AI dead-set on …

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‘Hack ‘N’ Shoot ‘Em Up’ Recompile Gets August Launch Window

Hacking Metroidvania Recompile will invade console and PC motherboards this August. The eye-catching indie game puts players in digital shoes of a sentient rogue code exploring the electrifying digital wasteland of a computer mainframe. Gameplay consists of 3D platforming and third-person shooting, not to mention plenty of physics-based hacking. Exploration …

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Hack Or Fight Your Way Through New Platformer For PS5, Recompile

Sony gave us another delightful indie reveal today for its PlayStation Indies initiative. Recompile has you exploring a digital landscape, either hacking or fighting to get by, all in the name of avoiding deletion.  Phi Dinh, co-founder, programmer, and game designer at Phigames, answered some questions about the game on the …

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