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Players Are Doing Some Pretty Wild Things In Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite isn’t even out yet, but that’s not stopping players from stretching its systems to their limits in the multiplayer technical previews as of late.  The latest batch of technical previews happened during the previous two weekends and in those previews, the classic Halo mode, Big Team Battle, was …

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Sine is a pretty arcade racing game out now for mobile

Developer Lonely Vertex has released Sine for Android and iOS. Sine is a competitive arcade racing game where you control a sine wave, avoiding obstacles and racing to the finish. Along the way you collect orbs scattered throughout the levels which range from simple to painfully difficult to grab. Each …

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Lineweight review – “Sit still, look pretty”

Stunning and inventive, Lineweight takes players on a journey through their own innermost being. With its vibrant text and blissful background music, the “living book” narrative adventure from acclaimed developer Cipher Prime wastes no time in diving into the story from the get-go, making sure that you’re hooked right from …

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