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Squading Up In Watch Dogs: Legion Online

Tactical Ops For a real challenge of your teamwork, Tactical Ops brings it in spades. These multi-tiered missions consist of five parts culminating in a large-scale boss encounter. The one we played is called Leader of the Pack, and centers on stopping Albion from creating deadly new breeds of drones.  …

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Final Fantasy XIV Online For Xbox Might Be In The Distant Future

Final Fantasy XIV Online veterans can surely remember the early days of the game’s disastrous launch and it’s eventual remake — A Realm Reborn — which catapulted the MMORPG into the spotlight and established it as one of the most popular online experiences of all time. With A PlayStation 5 demo slated for …

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Dead Cells Getting Free Trial For Nintendo Switch Online Members

Free game trials have become a trend for Nintendo Switch Online, previously granting subscribers limited-time access to games like Crash Team Racing and Overwatch. Dead Cells opens its doors next, and from January 26 to February 1, Switch players can indulge in one of the generation’s best action roguelikes. Not …

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