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Can democracy work on the internet? Reddit tells a mixed story

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Throughout history, people have established new governments for all sorts of reasons: to solidify alliances, or expand empires, or secure individual liberties. Marc Beaulac had a question about sweaters. Specifically, it was about the age-old debate in offices between men who want the air conditioning cranked …

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Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout draws wary, mixed response

A Russian medical worker administers a shot of Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in Moscow on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2020. While excitement and enthusiasm greeted the Western-developed coronavirus vaccine when it was rolled out, the Russian-made serum has received a mixed response, with reports of empty Moscow clinics in the …

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A Fold Apart Review – Mixed Feelings

In relationships, couples navigate obstacles and seek solutions to life’s myriad problems together, which is often easier said than done. Taking another person’s feelings into account and compromising is a tricky balance. A Fold Apart, a 3D puzzle game, showcases this tightrope walk by exploring the challenges of a long-distance …

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