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Genshin Impact – Official Thoma Gameplay Overview Trailer

Meet Genshin Impact Thoma, a pyro specialist who is set to join the rest of the Genshin Impact characters in the 2.2 update. In this gameplay overview trailer, you can take a look at Genshin Impact Thoma’s abilities, including his ‘Swiftshatter Spear’ normal attack, ‘Blazing Blessing’ Elemental skill, and ‘Imbricated …

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Genshin Impact – Official Thoma Character Demo Trailer

In the latest Genshin Impact trailer, we’re introduced to Genshin Impact Thoma: Blazing Defense. Thoma is the Kamisato Clan’s housekeeper and a well-known “fixer” in Inazuma. Watch the new Genshin Impact character demo trailer to see Thoma in action. Thoma joins the Genshin Impact roster on the second banner in …

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Genshin Impact: Version 2.1 – Official Trailer

Watch the latest trailer for the RPG, Genshin Impact, for a look at what to expect in Version 2.1, including more islands and stories to explore in Inazuma, as well as more relaxing moments to embrace with our old friends back at Liyue Harbor. More playable characters to recruit will …

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