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Check Out This Intense Star Wars: Squadrons Short Story

Star Wars: Squadrons emerged as an exciting new chapter in the extensive Star Wars mythos. Players partake in epic space dogfights as Rebel or Imperial pilots. Recently, a new Star Wars: Squadrons short story was uploaded to the game’s official website. Penned by Star Wars: The Old Republic writer Joanna Berry, the short story explores …

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Swordshot gameplay video – “Intense One Button Action”

Swordshot is an incredibly testing shooter that’s all about timing. Effectively a boss rush game, your and your floating space sword (?) must fire projectiles at a series of enemies surrounded by spinning objects. The trick is to avoid hitting the rotating barrier of objects and find to gap to …

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Mr. Autofire: Tips for this intense arcade shooter

Mr. Autofire is probably one of the more underrated arcade-like shooters on mobile. You may have come crossed advertisements for the game, probably thinking what they show doesn’t depict the real game. Well, let me tell you that the game does play like how you’ve seen it.  As the name …

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