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Transformers: Heavy Metal Is Niantic’s Next AR Mobile Game

Many of you play Pokémon Go every day; others are enchanted by Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Later this year, Niantic is inviting you to another augmented reality experience for mobile devices. In Transformers: Heavy Metal, you team up with the Autobots to uncover hidden areas on Earth that contain valuable …

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V4 review – “Heavy on content, light on fun”

There’s been no shortage of great mobile MMORPGs released over the past few years. Black Desert Mobile, Lineage Revolution, and even RuneScape have all been made available for the small screen, providing deep role-playing experiences for those on the go. Recently, Nexon decided to join the fray with V4 – …

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10 Games To Play For Heavy Metal Fans

The name Rick doesn’t typically inspire fear and awe, but it definitely does with Splatterhouse. The hand-to-hand combat of this game alone makes it pretty metal, but what he can do with meat cleavers and other makeshift weapons? It’s art, man.  He can also regrow his limbs back if they …

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