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Sony Unveils Midnight Black PlayStation 5 Headset

Sony has pulled the curtain back on a midnight black version of its Pulse 3D wireless headset. The new color matches perfectly with the black DualSense controller the company announced in May. Does this mean Sony is inching closer to announcing an all-black PlayStation 5? It probably won’t happen anytime soon, …

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Why The Xbox Wireless Headset Is A Good Option For Series X Owners

When Xbox Series X launched earlier this year (check out our review here), it delivered several improvements over its predecessor, the Xbox One. However, while one of Xbox Series X’s main legs-up over PlayStation 5 is in how all the accessories you had for Xbox One, including controllers and headsets, were instantly …

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Xbox Announces New Premium Wireless Headset

The team at Xbox has announced a new headset to complement the new console hardware it launched last year in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The new Xbox Wireless Headset promises myriad upgrades to your average, run-of-the-mill gaming headset with best-in-class audio performance and chat features. When …

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