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Drizzt Do’Urden Comes To Magic: The Gathering

We knew Dungeons & Dragons was coming to Magic: The Gathering this summer, complete with Portable Holes and Beholders. Today, Wizards of The Coast has unveiled several new, high-profile faces that are set to be featured in upcoming Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set. Interestingly enough, one of them is even …

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Magic: The Gathering Goes Dungeons & Dragons In July

This July, Dungeons & Dragons is coming to Magic: The Gathering in force with the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set. While certainly these two massive properties have come together before, this is the first time an entire full-scale Magic: The Gathering set experience will take place within Forgotten Realms. …

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Magic The Gathering Arena: Best Decks

Looking for the MtG Arena best decks? Read on. We’ve compiled the best resources to help you build the perfect hand. Creating the best deck in Magic: The Gathering is nearly impossible, but it’s good to know where to look for ideas and trends. There are plenty of players out …

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