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Back 4 Blood | Game Informer Live

Developer Turtle Rock Studios’ new zombie co-op experience is here, and there’s good news for fans hoping for a game in the vein of Left 4 Dead. While Back 4 Blood doesn’t reach the heights of its inspirations, the game excels at throwing players in an exciting and tense shooter. …

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FIFA 22 Review | New Game Network

Last year was a strange one for sports, as the fans were missing from stadiums in all the big football leagues across Europe. But as we start to emerge from the global pandemic, thanks to the vaccine rollouts, spectators have begun to return to the big game. With the EA …

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FIFA 22 Image Gallery | New Game Network

Latest Comments PC Building Simulator Review Oct 8, 2021 by David FloresMy game still working on initial windows, I have 12 Gb… Dying Light 2 music composed by Olivier Deriviere Oct 7, 2021 by Red Lantern’s RageI have no interest in zombie games or movies but the… Stranger of Paradise …

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