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Q&A: Usage of ‘upcycled food’ grows in popularity

Credit: CC0 Public Domain You might have been eating or creating “upcycled food,” but it wasn’t until very recently that the term was actually, officially defined. Last month, a special task force convened by Upcycled Food Association, an organization made of academic, nonprofit and industry stakeholders—including researchers from Drexel University—released …

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List of EVERY Pokémon and food item in Pokémon Café Mix

Pokémon Here’s are all of the ‘mons you can currently hire as staff in Pokémon Café Mix. We’re sure more will be updated in future, and Jigglypuff, Scorbunny, and Lucario are already known to be present, though how and when they’ll be unlocked is another question. Pokémon Specialty Skill  Eevee …

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Bugsnax Features Living Food In A Whimsical World

Young Horses showed off its latest game during Sony’s PlayStation 5 livestream, and it doesn’t look like the studio is getting any less weirder. The Octodad creators’ latest project is Bugsnax, a bright and cheery-looking game about living strawberries, doughnuts, and other tasty treats. Sure, sure, we know that a …

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