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Ion Fury Expansion Coming In 2021

Retro shooters have found success in recent years, tapping into those early days of frenetic, fast-paced flash and blast. Ion Fury reviewed quite well here at Game Informer, and now an expansion is slated for 2021. Ion Fury hit consoles in May. While we don’t have many details outside of …

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Warframe’s Heart of Deimos Expansion Arrives August 25

On August 25, Warfame players can begin exploring the Heart of Deimos expansion on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC. There’s a lot going on in this open-world expansion, but perhaps the most significant update coming with this big patch doesn’t even involve the terrifying fleshworld and its chilling …

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Hearthstone’s Next Expansion Is Scholomance Academy

Blizzard’s next Hearthstone expansion is all about getting schooled – at magic! One of the finest dungeons in World of Warcraft, Scholomance, is ready to teach would be wizards, warlocks, and witches a thing or two about the fine arts of spellcasting. Welcome to Scholomance Academy, where Hearthstone players are …

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