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Outriders Has A Cool Dragon Age Easter Egg

Outriders is available now, and with the servers now infinitely more stable than they were at launch, more players are hopping in to explore the dangers of Enoch. The looter shooter has an impressive story that builds up at an enjoyable pace, but you guys know how obsessed with Dragon …

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Top 10 best Easter mobile games to play this Easter

1 Eggggg Publisher: Hyper Games Genre: Platform To some people, Easter is a solemn religious occasion. To others, it’s about stuffing so many chocolate eggs into their gobs that they puke. Eggggg is here to represent that latter group. This is a novel, beautifully presented and totally gross platformer in …

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Europe grapples with Easter sun, next steps; US deaths rise

Signs on the gates reminding people to ‘social-distance’ at Victoria Park, in east London, after it was reopened with reduced opening hours and new control measures in place during the coronavirus outbreak, Saturday April 11, 2020. The park was closed on 25 March after the “failure of some visitors to …

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