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Is Dead by Daylight Mobile crossplay?

Slasher films both old and new continue to be popular and Dead By Daylight capitalizes on that. Though the first game originally came out in 2016, it gained a huge boost in its player count during quarantine. It provided a tense and exciting scenario with online accessibility in a period …

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‘Is Rec Room crossplay?’ and more questions answered

If this game baffled you as much as it did us at some point, then you may have several questions. ‘Is Rec Room crossplay?’; ‘Is it on Android?’; ‘Is Rec Room available on Switch?’ These are all very valid questions, and we’re here to walk you through each one of …

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Overwatch Cross-Play Beta Announced

Cross platform play has been a long-requested feature for Overwatch, and Blizzard is finally answering those prayers five years after launch. Cross-play is coming to the hit multiplayer game, and to make sure it works as intended, Blizzard is holding a cross-play beta before it rolls out in full. The …

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