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Pokémon And Destiny 2 Collide In Adorable Crossover Pikachu Fan Art

The Pokémon franchise has inspired some incredibly impressive fanart through the years, including crossovers that were mind-blowing (for better or worse). The latest mashup brings the Vanguard into the fray with this adorable crossover Destiny 2 Pokémon fanart. Courtesy of the amazingly talented @LostThingy, the Destiny Vanguard has officially become cuter than …

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This week’s Funko Pop! Blitz crossover is Voltron

Funko Pop! Blitz, the match-3 puzzle game known for its bizarre crossovers, is getting some Voltron content this week. This week in Funko Pop! Blitz, you must united Voltron, Defender of the Universe, to battle the evil Galra Empire in the form of challenging match-3 game modes. The Voltron event …

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Shovel Knight Gets Another Crossover, This Time In For Honor

Have you been playing Ubisoft’s For Honor lately? Maybe you should be! But in case the prospect of the game’s intense multiplayer battles isn’t enough to pull you in on its own, perhaps a little shovel-related incentive can push you over the edge. That’s right: Yacht Club’s perennial guest hero, Shovel Knight, …

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