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List of EVERY Pokémon and food item in Pokémon Café Mix

Pokémon Here’s are all of the ‘mons you can currently hire as staff in Pokémon Café Mix. We’re sure more will be updated in future, and Jigglypuff, Scorbunny, and Lucario are already known to be present, though how and when they’ll be unlocked is another question. Pokémon Specialty Skill  Eevee …

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Pokémon Café Mix review – “Simple, sweet, sickly”

I have always wanted to go to a Pokémon-themed café. I mean, I’m not actually all that bothered by overpriced drinks or food which looks like a decapitated Eevee, but the concept? The idea? Absolutely wonderful. And if it could have that cat-café aesthetic and environment which lets me pet …

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Expert tips for fast progress in Pokémon Café Mix

1 Breaking down barriers Pokémon Café Mix isn’t actually about mixing things, it’s about breaking through blocks of sugar cubes and whipping through globs of whipped cream. To do this, you simply join Pokémon heads together. Most stages will require you to break cubes and other items. Cubes don’t move, …

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