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Top 25 best point-and-click adventure games on Android

If you’re unfamiliar with the point-and-click adventure genre’s origins, we should probably break things down for you. The point-and-click part relates to the genre’s PC origins, where mouse control was the order of the day. In a point-and-click adventure, you’re literally pointing your mouse and clicking on largely static scenes …

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Best Valheim Mods To Take That Viking Adventure Even Further

Stamina, like in most survival games, is a key mechanic in terms of survival and exploration. With Valheim, the stamina in-game depletes at a rapid rate (though this can be improved upon through the title itself, especially through boss fights and the blessings offered through communing through runes). If you’re …

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Top 25 best point-and-click adventure games

Updated January 25, 2021: Restructured list The old point-and-click adventure genre fell into disuse and neglect following its early ’90s golden period. Fans of the classic LucasArts adventures like Monkey Island were left to pine for a bygone age. But the advent of smartphones and tablets, as well as a …

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