System Shock Remastered Official Early Pre-Alpha Trailer

The game is now running on Unreal Engine 4.

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  1. на вид – пушка, надеюсь там не один вид врагов на всю игру
    надеюсь там музыка из оригинала

  2. I’m getting nostalgia for a game I’ve never played


  4. Oh god what is the song from this trailer?

  5. too many bugs for a remastered, even done in purpose is so wack and make us dizzy like Rec Spanish movie.

  6. Very Trent Reznor chord combinations. Not really system shock, but really cool

  7. OMG!!! THAT VOICE😍😍😍

  8. Can't wait this joins epic exclusive if the game ever comes out.

  9. And right on the next video on my feed shows Yongyea reporting on how the kickstarters are pissed by the change to unreal engine 4 from Unity (which looked better), and the hiatus that seems everlasting.

  10. on switch with gyro mouse aiming and HD rumble or no buy

  11. man, looks good!
    sucks its on hiatus at the moment though, but i can wait.

  12. Aaaaand canceled. Never gonna see it now.

  13. I'm hypnotized by this SHODAN voice. Jeez. So creepy

  14. You think you created me?
    B-b-bu-but ɪ was always here…

  15. Am I the only one who thinks that the hit detection looks like it could use some improvement?

  16. This looks like the 2016 Doom but less gory.

  17. How do some games manage to have perfcet graphics this early in development

  18. shodan is freakin terrifying

  19. When is this coming out. This is amazing

  20. This should come to the Switch.

  21. A verry good work on the shodan's quotes how did you made them?

  22. The dialogue sound the same as the original SHODAN, but somewhat better!

  23. Hey the new doom 3 is great

  24. I'm ignoring combat at the minute. Yes, I'm a fan boy. You had me at "SUBMIT!!"

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