System Shock Redux Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2020

System Shock Redux is a remake of the classic PC cyberpunk shooter. Battle hostile robots and a murderous spaceship to escape with your life. Alpha available now. The trailer premiered during the Guerrilla Collective.

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  1. This game needs to have the original voice acting, ripped from the "original game" or the entire project is a failure!
    You cannot replace or recreate what made the original so good. All we ask for, are better graphics and smoother gameplay improvements, not to turn greatness into crap!
    And currently all is see about this project is crap! The demo, the dev team, the execution, simply everything, there is nothing positive to report about for a long time now!

  2. This was remade for 360 I believe back in 07/08… Is nothing sacred, let’s get some new stuff developers!

  3. Is this like a 1:1 remake with some quality of life changes?
    Does it have the horrible invisible blob infested 3rd floor?
    COULD we have the option to disable enemy respawns at the difficulty settings?

  4. No thanks.
    I will keep playing the original.

  5. "The trailer premiered during the Guerrilla Collective.
    " The what.

  6. SOOO Is it actually coming out this time?

  7. Dunno, I tried the Alpha Demo and it felt very rough.
    I know they wanted to preserve the feeling of the original, but it still felt clunky

  8. 0/10 not coming to switch.

  9. Fuck Ken Levigne for killing the Bioshock team

  10. Good job budddddyyyyy (im ur best friend)

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