Each Panda has Their Own Ability

This is something that is good to remember in Swap-Swap Panda. It’s also something that they will gradually tell you throughout the game, but it can be easy to forget. Each of the pandas has its own set of abilities that can help them get past certain barriers.

One panda might be able to climb things while the other can swim for example. Just keep this mind especially since you’re swapping so much between the two cuddly animals. You might see water and think “ah OK, I got to swim” only to realize you’re controlling the wrong panda.

So it’s always good to remember who does what. Like with most games, you’ll get comfortable with it after getting through a few levels. You’ll learn more abilities as you go, making your little tag team more powerful.

Swap Frequently

You may be required to do this anyway, but try and switch often because you just never know when you’ll need one panda to perform a certain task. Not only that, you just don’t want to separate the duo too much. Try and keep them together as much as possible.

There’s a finish line at the end of each level and you need both of them to cross it to win. When you control one panda, the other falls asleep. You can even get one to sleep on top of the head of the other which is actually kind of funny and cute at the same time.

It can certainly get a bit confusing at times but the switching feature is what makes Swap-Swap Panda such a unique game. It adds a layer of fun to the game overall, especially with each character having its own set of skills.

Watch out for Enemy Attacks

This kind of goes without saying but keep an eye out for some small attacks from minions. In many platformer type games, enemies usually just pace back and forth. This would allow you to simply jump on their heads and take care of them. 

However, in Swap-Swap Panda, these foes will try and go for some little attacks. Time your jump right and put these cupcake stealing menaces out of their misery. One important thing to keep in mind is that the regular panda is the one who can get kills. 

The red panda will bounce off of enemies. However, due to the weight and strength of the other panda, they can take down its foes with a lot more ease. Again, you’ll get familiarized with this as you progress through the game. 

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