Collect as many coins as possible

OK, so this sort of goes without saying because anytime we play a game, we always automatically pick up anything that looks shiny, right? Well, it’s especially good to keep that same mindset in Super Fowlst 2. They aren’t essential, but they make the game twice as fun. 

You can use them to unlock new characters (and there are a ton of them and some are hilarious), and get upgrades to really lay the smackdown on those demons. There is a catch, however: the coins disappear after a short period of time. 

So you really need to make sure to grab as many as you can. Some of the things you can purchase are pretty expensive, which makes it even more important. Sometimes it’s easy to mistime your jumps and fly by some of the coins. The good thing is that you will get some every time. Just don’t be shocked if you do miss a few. 

Search the walls

The walls in most areas hold secrets. Most of the time, it’s some cool rewards that are there for the taking. This could be a ton of coins or even a new character among other things. Take a look and see if you see parts of the walls that are brick. 

These are the ones you want to double-check on. Just fly into them once or twice and see if they break. There are usually a few of them in an area for you to try. Some might be on the sides, some might be upwards and some downwards. Check them all. 

Just try and clear out the area first before taking a look, of course. You’ll have free time to check walls or any breakable objects such as boxes for coins and other rewards. You just never know what you’ll find so happy hunting. 

Save up for some hearts

Ahh, yes, what is a hero without health? When starting out in Super Fowlst 2, you’ll have three hearts to work with. The thing is, you can hold up to a whopping eight of them if you have the cash. In short, this sort of goes back to our first tip but, grab those coins. 

It’ll take a little over 1,000 of them to purchase an extra heart but it could be worth it. Of course, this is totally up to you. If you feel you can handle several waves with three lives, then go for it. But, if you want to have some extra comfort, then feel free to make the purchase if you have the currency. 

The good news is; if you don’t want to use coins, you will find some hearts that appear occasionally after destroying boxes and walls during your gameplay. It’s pretty rare, but if you can survive long enough, you may just get yourself a free heart. However you choose to go about it, there is never anything wrong, in any game with having extra health. 

Get some upgrades

In some ways, this is a follow-up to getting more hearts, but getting upgrades will give you an advantage from a combat standpoint. You can unlock a few different abilities that can wreak havoc on those pesky demons. From dropping eggs from your butt to launching heat-seeking missiles, there’s a bit of everything.

The great thing about these upgrades is that they are much more affordable. It shouldn’t take you too long to have them all purchased an in your arsenal. The most expensive item is an inventory holder which is a little over 800 coins. This can be used to hold items you have including power-ups that are in the area. 

Other than that, everything else is pretty cheap. So, if you want to feel like a truly dominant force, then these upgrades should do the trick. 




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