Street Fighter 5: Akuma Gameplay Trailer

The raging demon fighter returns to the stage of Street Fighter 5.

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  1. Please get Akuma to says "Source" after the raging demon.We all know it is the icing on the cake when it comes to pissing off his opponents .

  2. Not sure I like the lion king look…

  3. Cool, Akuma looks like a Scottsman 😛

  4. I'm guessing everyone is seeing the lion king as well.

  5. Sad they had to redesign him in such a stupid way… it's like they're trying to make me dislike some of my favourite characters (ken being one of the other ones).

  6. "WAGA NA WA NO GOUKI….MISE-TEMIO..!!!" foot stomp
    "ISSHUN SENGEKI" raging demon
    "KAKUGO WA YOI KA….!! foot stomp
    AAAAAH MISSED HIS JAPANESE VOICE ACTING!! ENGLISH DUBS ARE SO FUCKING TERRIBLE making him looks like a fucking joke. can't wait to kick ass with him!! hopefully Feilong,ONI,or EVIL RYU come later as DLCS..

  7. The Tekken 7 trailer looks 100 times better than this.

  8. why on earth does he have a lion's mane?

  9. ahahaha…. ahah…haha….ahahah


  10. por favor digan que saldrá para Xbox también

  11. akuma is back from tekken

  12. did they change his voice??

  13. looks exactly like SFIV.

  14. I do not believe that beard is real. It must be a hologram or a hallucination.
    That would explain why it keeps disappearing into Akuma's body so often.

  15. akuma looks like he went super saiyan

  16. Wow he looks ugly as hell that hair damn

  17. Judging by his lion's mane it must've taken awhile for him to find his way back form Tekken7

  18. That's one hell of a neck beard.

  19. Why are these videos uploaded here a day after?

  20. He looks so ugly, his face is like a mash potato.

  21. Omfg akuma its incredible i hope that in tekken 7 show more of this skills

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