Stela: Hints and tips to help you through this eerily mysterious world

Be on alert

You just never know what to expect in Stela. It starts off pretty slow but gets pretty wild after a while. So definitely be on your Ps & Qs because anything can come out at you. You may need to think fast in certain situations.

With that said, don’t worry if you die. You’ll just restart at the nearest location. Don’t be surprised if you do fail a couple of times. It happens, especially when you try to figure out a new area.

When you have to deal with a blend of enemies and puzzles, it can certainly throw you off a little bit. But just keep pushing and pay attention closely. Do that, and you’ll be in solid shape.

Pay attention to objects

On many occasions, you’ll come across objects that can help you. It could be something like a wagon that you can push that you can jump on to get you to a new height. Or it could be a switch that can open up other paths to help you advance. 

Sometimes there are heavy things you might have to move to get through obstacles. Some things are easy to bypass so that’s why it’s important. For example, early on, there’s a door that you have to close in order to keep the beetles away. Sometimes, it’s easy to run right past it in a panic. 

So, keep cool, and keep an eye out for open doors to close, heavy things such as wagons, and any type of switches or levers you see. Observation is just as important as running in Stela. 

Get comfortable with jumping

Jumping can be an overlooked ability at times, but it helps you in key situations. For one, you will need to climb and jump your way to different spots to reach your next checkpoint. The jump control is pretty easy to master but sometimes by mis-pressing, you’ll miss your opportunity. 

There are times too where you need to jump to avoid enemies and do so at a quick pace. The last thing you want to do is die because you failed to jump at the right times. Keep in mind that this isn’t a make or a break type of thing, but it’s just a good idea to have the mindset. 

Again, Stela is a pretty unpredictable game. It doesn’t tell you much, and you don’t what you’re going to get yourself into. So the best ways to prepare is to be mentally ready for the road ahead. You won’t really have a chance to practice your jumping, but if you do, I’d say do before you venture too far. But, if you already feel cozy with it then awesome, you’re ready to roll. 

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