Startup Panic is a brand new simulation game for iOS and Android from developer Algo Rocks and publisher tinyBuild. It promises to be a fast-paced sim that’s mixed with a silly sense of humour where you’ll look to work your way up from bedroom programmer to President or one six other outcomes.

As you can guess from the name, it’s a tech-business management sim. The developers say it will suit players who are new to the simulation genre or veteran fans who are looking for something with a touch more personality than you might otherwise find in these types of game.

Once you’ve set up your business you’ll be able to decide which projects should be prioritised alongside hiring different people to bolster your team. Each potential employee will have different personalities and skills, some good, some not so much and you’ll need to find a good balance of both to succeed.

You’ll need to be selective with the decisions you make too. It’s possible to boost the morale of your staff by taking them on a team vacation but equally doing so could mean that you can’t respond quick enough to a growing trend, which could negatively affect your reputation.

Some of these decisions will be a tad strange too, which is where the quirky sense of humour comes in. You might find yourself under threat from hackers on your way to to the top alongside shady CEOs and, for some reason, pirates. And that’s not internet pirates either, we’re talking sea pirates.

Startup Panic is available now over on the App Store, Google Play and PC through the Epic Games Store. It will be a premium title that costs $5.99 on mobile.
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