Stargate: Timekeepers – Official Reveal Trailer

Strategy game developer Slitherine partners with MGM for the first PC strategy game ever made for Stargate SG-1. Stargate: Timekeepers is a fully original story following the end of Season 7 that focuses on the Battle of Antarctica.

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  1. So as the discription says this is gonna be a strategy game.

  2. All this Star Wars music

  3. Not too bad for mobile graphics I guess…
    "Coming to PC"
    oh… oh no.

  4. Aww was getting my hope up for a full on action adventure shooter but this is just dog fighting

  5. So what kind of game is this??

  6. Bro music to my ears its been so long since anything Stargate has been heard but I pray this is a fps adventure with a squad of 4 or xcom deal

  7. I did not expect to see something Stargate related from this defunct video game channel I'm still subscribed to from it's days as a website – but damn – I didn't think anything Stargate would be made again – short of some kind of franchise reboot – so I'm in.

  8. there are more accurate sounding and looking stargates on gary’s mod.

    but this is something official. and that’s something.

  9. Activate the stargate portal

  10. The entire gate animation, sound and wormhole formation were underwhelming. Not impressed.

    I do miss SG though, please try harder.

  11. PC? Lame. Bring this to VR.

  12. You manage to screw up the audio of the stargate

  13. Great, now give us a new series already!

  14. Please don't be bad. Please don't be bad. Please don't be bad. I want to hope and be optimistic but nothing MGM has done with this license has been good since I was a kid.

  15. 1997 called, wondering why the CGI is worse in 2021?

  16. Should have been a game a long time ago

  17. I mean if this game succeeds they'll be able to fund a new series maybe

  18. That last portal bit looked woncky af

  19. Shows nothing at all. Just a bad cgi stargate.

  20. Enfin un jeu STARGATE BORDEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Well shit. A strategy, by Gladius and Deadlock devs, focused on Antarctica. This is gonna suck. Even if it doesn't suck, it won't be something anyone asked for or wants.

    Edit: And I was so hyped seeing the Stargate name… why do I let myself get hyped.

    Edit 2: Why are they calling themselves producers? They're game developers. What is wrong with these people in general, why would they make decisions this bizarre? Why not at least make it about settling new worlds or something?

  22. I'm calling it right now it's a first person shooter,lol

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