Starborne: Frontiers is beginning its Closed Beta Test in the next few weeks

Starborne: Frontiers, a tactical MMO by Solid Clouds has been under the wraps for a while, with a soft launch in the Philippines that went live last December. There’s been some radio silence since then, except the news that the game was set to launch in mid-2022. While that hasn’t happened either, Solid Clouds has just announced that they will be beginning a Closed Beta Test for Starborne so players can try it out and report any bugs they may find.


Starborne: Frontiers is Solid Clouds’ second game after Starborne: Sovereign Space, which is set in the same universe. Frontiers, like its predecessor, is a combination between an auto-battler and a squad-based RPG set in a futuristic world. it sees players take on the role of a Fleet Commander who must keep recruiting new ships and training pilots to face whatever is thrown at them. The galaxy is vast and not much is known about it, so players must be prepared for anything.

Speaking about the upcoming game, CEO of Solid Clouds, Stefán Gunnarsson, said: “I’m really excited to see the Starborne Universe expand. This release has truly been a labor of love, and finally seeing the lore and complex character stories come to life feels like a dream come true.”

The latest addition to this universe will have a power-packed story featuring an immersive campaign storyline full of bounty hunting and boss fights, alongside numerous other game modes. There are loads of characters to pick from ten different factions, to create a perfectly unique squad of the strongest heroes the galaxy has ever seen.

Beta testers will be privy to the campaign mechanics, PvP arena, and bounty system. It should go live in the next few weeks and players and register for it on the official website or Discord channel. Hopefully, a launch date should be out soon as well.

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