Spire Blast: Tips to help you with this castle toppler

Take Your Time

As we mentioned, Spire Blast is not your typical tower destroying game. You have to hit certain colored blocks with balls/cannons of the matching color. So this is why it’s good to sort of take your time and think about what color ball you want to fire and where.

The colors of the projectiles will change so you don’t always have every representative one to coincide with the blocks of the tower. You also have a limited amount of projectiles so definitely try and choose your spots wisely when firing away.

You don’t need to take too much time, but the game does a great job of making you think a tad. Once you get familiar with the setup (which won’t take you long at all), then you’ll likely get comfortable with being quicker on your releases and knowing what spots might be best to hit. Just make sure to keep up with how many projectiles you have.

Feel Free To Aim Low

In Spire Blast, you can aim wherever you please on the towers as long as you’re using the matching colored projectile. Not all of the time, but sometimes, going for a low point can cause several blocks to fall. This will then, hopefully, cause most of the tower to crumble. 

If you hit one block of the same color, it will then cause other blocks of the same color in that area to fall as well, like a domino effect. So just keep this in mind when trying to take down the castles. It’s like sweeping the legs from underneath them. This doesn’t always work, but feel free to try it.  

Take Advantage of Boosts

One beneficial feature that Spire Blast offers is the ability to purchase boosts. After completing levels, you’ll earn coins. These coins can be used to buy said boosts. These can really come in handy when you feel like you’re struggling a bit. 

And don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of cheating method. The game will still provide some challenge. This just gives you some aid when needed. One example of a boost is the Rubix cube one where you can shoot for any color of block on the castle you’re trying to bring down instead of only going for specific colors per shot. 

You can add more than one copy of the boost in your inventory so you can stock up a little. Keep some in your back pocket if you wish. Just know that they’ll always be there for you when needed. 



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