Speed Demons was part of the original line up of Apple Arcade games bringing a highway racing option to those who signed up to the service. Now it’s received a fairly large number of updates in its recently released 1.2.1 version, giving players more high octane action to enjoy.

There will be two new chapters and 150 events for players to race their way through. This will bring the total number in Speed Demons up to fairly sizeable 401 events. Radiangames say this means it will now take players well over 24 hours to 100% the game.

Joining those new events will be two new game modes to try and add some more variety to the action. These will be called Slalom and Hit and Run. On top of that, there will also be 13 vehicles added, some of which you can see in the trailer above. There will also be additional track environments, particle effects and smaller changes to make the game a bit prettier and more visually impressive.

Finally, there are also two extra modifiers to make use off across the various events. The first of these is called Spike, which can be used to punt other cars through the air. Meanwhile the second is named Jump, allowing you to, well, jump instead of breaking. So if you believe slowing down should be a thing of the past this might be the modifier for you.
If you’re unfamiliar with Speed Demons, it’s described by developers Radiangames as a highway racing simulator where you hurtle down various highways at breakneck speed. You can do so in a variety of vehicles too, from sensible hatchbacks to ludicrous monster trucks.

Speed Demons is available now as part of Apple Arcade, a subscription service that costs $4.99 per month. For more games that are available through Apple Arcade, check out our dedicated hub page.
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