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  1. I've seen mobile games with better graphics than this. I stopped watching after 40 seconds.

    This game is going to FAIL.

  2. I enjoyed the extensive amount of gameplay that was present in this trailer.

    Also: Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Okay.

  3. Looks good, sounds corny.

  4. Great concept, dumb trailer.

  5. I'm so excited! Motion Vision? I hope this would be red! It won't be bad if this will be the same as chaos theory versus gameplay!

  6. Idk, a bit late to the party, aren´t they

  7. This is literally a straight rip off of the OG splinter cell online

  8. This is the old Multiplayer of Splinter Cell.

  9. god forbid we get a single player splinter cell successor. Nope everyhting multiplayer..fuck off

  10. Seeing Spectre and Reaper in the title makes it feel like a Mass Effect spinoff announcement

  11. Sounds like mark meer and the VA that does garrus

  12. Xbox versión is better, steam sucks

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