Space Grunts 2, Orange Pixel’s sci-fi roguelike card battler, is now playable in portrait mode

Orange Pixel’s Space Grunts 2 has today received a major update that adds a fan-requested feature: portrait mode. If you’ve been following the game these last 6 months or so, you’ll know that it’s received regular updates and content drops that have gradually honed the gameplay experience across the board. 

Some of the biggest changes and additions since launch include the ability to rebalance your character’s skill points, special trinkets to earn by completing tricky challenges, improved level variety and size, NPCs to chat or trade with, new cards, creatures, alternate routes to uncover, random events, and more.

Space Grunts 2 is set in the same universe as its predecessor, Space Grunts. The key difference between the two is that the sequel made the jump to being a card battler.

Levels here are procedurally generated, and, as I say, this system has been refined and expanded upon since launch. Every new run presents fresh enemies to take down, environments to explore, and cards to earn. The planets can also vary quite wildly in terms of their unique challenges, with some throwing a deadly infestation your way, while another might see you dealing with spontaneous fires.

Update 1.23.0 is available right now, and I’m sure that the arrival of an optional portrait mode will please fans who’ve been with the game since launch. 

If you’re yet to give it a go, you’ll find Space Grunts 2 available for purchase now from the App Store and Google Play as a premium game priced at $3.99. More info on Space Grunts 2 and all of Orange Pixel’s releases, both old and new, can be found over on the developer’s official site.
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