Space Frog Intern: A few things to know about the quirky interstellar shooter

Shooting Makes You Switch Direction

In many games, you simply use an on-screen analog stick, directional buttons, or a connected controller to move your character. Here in Space Frog Intern, you move automatically, so it kind of has some endless runner vibes although it’s not.

Also, in order to switch directions, you have to either let your frog hero bump into a wall and let them turn around themselves, or you have to shoot. This is a pretty unique way to approach character movement, and it’s a good idea to try to get comfortable with this early. You can hold down the right side of the screen to shoot bullets at a rapid-fire pace while standing in one spot, but you’ll run out of bullets quickly.

It is very easy to fire off a shot at enemies in the sky, forgetting that it turns your character around. If there’s an enemy on the ground, then you’ll accidentally bump into them, causing you to lose a life. So this is just something to know mentally when going into your interstellar internship.

You Can Only Shoot Upwards

This may seem like a “well duh” kind of thing, but you’d be surprised with how many games allow you to shoot in multiple directions. This is to simply clarify that, although enemies will land in front of you quite a bit, you can not shoot your gun straight ahead.

So just keep this in mind as you run into invaders because you can’t just shoot them in the face, unfortunately. With that said, you can jump and step on enemies, giving you another form of attack to use. You can possibly decide which strategy is better.

Would you like to focus more on shooting or on stomping? The choice is yours but of course, if you’d like to go back and forth (which is the common way to play) then that works too. But, when firing the gun, things will only look up from here.

You Can Double Jump

One relatively small but good thing to know is that you can jump higher than normal. You can either perform a regular, short hop, or you can climb up a bit more by holding down the left side of your screen. Having the extra height on jumps can come in handy.

For starters, it’s a great way to evade enemies that you know you probably won’t be able to squish because you might’ve mistimed your jump. And if you have multiple foes, you can jump over all of them to avoid being hit by them.

Jumping is also an excellent way to get some combos going. If you string together a big enough combo, then you’ll be granted a special ability for a short period of time. You can get combos by shooting as well but it’s a bit harder than doing so by jumping. That said, the right mix of the two can put together a dashing display of alien killing.

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