Soup Pot – Trailer | Day of the Devs 2021

Check out this upcoming cooking game that focuses on creativity and aims to capture the open nature of home cooking, Soup Pot, as showcased during Day of the Devs 2021. Experiment with over 100 different dishes when Soup Pot launches in 2021 on PC via Steam and Xbox.



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  1. Ik Filipino's made this game and i should be proud, but look what happened to cyberpunk 2077……

    Well i just hope this'll go well for those who like cooking in games

  2. What's the song in the background?

  3. what the?! this looks like my tita's kitchen!

  4. When you realize that the title is an innuendo.


  5. Do we have a name for the song in the background?

  6. That's cool, now show us how to cook BALUT.

  7. The fact you can actually practice and make these dishes for real is super cool.

  8. holy fuck what a banger track

  9. filipino cooking game over 9000

  10. Ohhh hell yes, I've been wanting a game that actually makes their recipes feasible for ages.

  11. Good graphics look tasty. Very important y’all got that right.

  12. 👍🏼 Filipino cooking game!

  13. Cool Filipino cooking game!

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