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Battlefield 2042 – Official "What A Time To Be Alive" Teaser Trailer

Join your squad and prepare to gear up for Battlefield 2042 with this brief Battlefield …


  1. It reminds me of Claymore than Berserk.

  2. Its cool and all, but why do they have to add a shake animation when you hit enemy's…

  3. Please don´t be like that live service garbage Babylon´s Fall

  4. hopefully it has a decent story

  5. Fem-Guts is the best waifu! LOL

  6. didnt i just see a platformer like this? a black swordsman with some girl in white?

  7. People talking about Berserk, but that's clearly inspired by Claymore.

  8. Looks gorgeous, hack and slash games need to make a comeback, dmc 5 was not enough

  9. Those animations look really bad

  10. Looks like chaos legion xD I love it!!

  11. Shout out to the references I really appreciate how much effort you're putting into making the sword seem like a unwieldable weapon at times

  12. I'm down for Berserk May Cry.

  13. Give us the Uncensored version for PC

  14. Man, Guts had a daughter?

  15. That Berserk battle where Guts and Schierke teamed up really shaped everything about this, eh?

  16. Berserk estate about to press charges.

  17. Its like if neverinth had a bigger budget and was still in development

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