Rayark Inc, the creators of Cytus II and the upcoming Deemo II, has announced that Soul of Eden is still happening after first unveiling the game four years ago. It’s a Clash Royale-style strategy title that will be heading for Android devices soon, with pre-registers open on Google Play.

As you might expect then, Soul of Eden will combine real-time tactics with cards in 3-minute matches, according to the trailer, the Google Play page says four. Either way, you can expect them to be fairly brisk games.

There will be four different factions to choose from. These include Aliens, Beasts, the Republic and the Empire. The Republic prefer to use tech when doing battle whilst the Empire make use of both magic and swords. It’ll be up to you to decide which one you’ll make use of in battle.

There will be over 100 cards when the game launches, with more presumably being added in the future. Among those will be several heroes who have special abilities that you’ll have to use at the right times to devastate your opponents.

A few examples of the cards and heroes available can be seen in the trailer below. There’s the Puppeteer who can mind control your opponent’s units, turning them against their former leader. There will also be a character called S. Tadakatsu who is capable of instantly killing any enemy unit.

Soul of Eden will have a feature called the spread deploy system which promises to provide players with endless choice for their formations. Meanwhile, Rayark Inc has also mentioned that the battlefield will change throughout the match, encouraging players to think strategically on their feet.

Soul of Eden is available for pre-register now over on Google Play ahead of release. We don’t know when that will be specifically, the trailer simply states it’s coming soon. There’s no official word on price either, though it’ll likely be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.
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