Skapp is an upcoming skateboard simulator for PS4 that uses your phone as a controller to perform tricks

Skapp is an upcoming skateboard simulation game where players will use their phone to perform all of the tricks. The game can be played with either an iOS or Android phone as the controller and it will be releasing on PS4 exclusively for a year before arriving on PC, Switch and Xbox thereafter.

Skapp is being developed by Spanish developer Bound Games as part of the PlayStation Talents Games Camp initiative, hence why it’s arriving on PlayStation before releasing elsewhere. At least that’s the plan, Bound Games are first looking to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project and this will start on October 27th.

You can see how the game will work in the embedded trailers in this article. Skapp will make use of the gyroscope found within smartphones to perform the various tricks, manuals and grinds. It promises to deliver levels that will appeal to all kinds of players.

There will be more technically focused stages for those who crave a challenge whilst there will also be more simple levels for those who are just looking to get started. In addition to being able to skateboard about without a care in the world, Skapp will also feature a deliberately silly story mode where people’s hands decide to rebel against humanity.

The game will also feature authentic brands meaning fans of skateboarding will find names they’re familiar with when selecting their board. It will also be littered with skateboarding cultural references so hopefully, those who are really into the sport will feel right at home.

Upon launch, Skapp will be heading to the PS4 exclusively before releasing on the PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox a year later. Players will be able to use either an iOS or Android device as the controller.
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