Developer Rhinotales’ She Sees Red launched late last year for iOS and Android, earning some very positive user reviews for its twisted tale and compelling characters. It’s an FMV thriller that takes you, a detective, on a tense adventure following several grisly murders at a nightclub.

With a killer premise, mature tone, and intriguing non-linear narrative, the game looked to be another top-tier thriller for mobile, following in the footsteps of Sam Barlow’s Her Story and Telling Lies

That said, the once-premium She Sees Red has now gone free-to-play for reasons unknown. It’s also unclear whether this is just a temporary, and incredibly generous, sale, or if the game is now permanently free for everyone.

Either way, I’d advise you get on this asap. As I say, it’s proved to be very popular with fans of the genre, and you simply can’t argue with that price.

Each run takes around 30-35 minutes on average, so it’s not a huge time investment. There are, however, no less than four major endings to work your way through, each of which being the result of myriad decisions made during your run.
The original dialogue is in Russian, though there’s a dub if you can’t do subtitles for whatever reason. Visually, it’s suitably gritty, boasting reasonably high production values compared to other titles in the genre.

148Apps, our sister site, wasn’t quite as smitten with it as many of the user reviews, appreciating the care that had clearly gone into the game’s design while finding its many rough edges to be off-putting and frustrating.

With polarising reviews like that, you’d better play it for yourself to find out where you land. She Sees Red is available for download now from over on the App Store and Google Play.
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