Start Off With Your Best

When in these individual three-on-three battles, feel free to start off with the fighter that you’re most comfortable with using in your first match or two. It’s always good to be familiarized with the skills and abilities that they offer, especially early on.

You want to keep as many of your fighters available as possible, and an excellent way to do that is by taking advantage of the fighter that you probably use the most. Also, you can level up fighters, so definitely consider using the one that has the highest level (which obviously might be the one you use the most anyway).

Just keep in mind that, if you win your first fight, and you took a chunk of damage, you go into the next with only a slight health boost. In short, it’s possible that your best character can be eliminated before the final fight. But, getting through the first two is very critical. Heck, even just winning the first gives you a nice edge.

Mix in Some Kicks

While playing matches in Shadow Fight Arena, you can deal damage with some swings of your weapon or with kicks. It’s easy to look cool and just use your weapon the whole time but definitely try to squeeze in some kicks too because it can benefit you.

If the opponent tries to hit you with their weapon, a good kick can disrupt that and possibly allow you to go for a quick hit with your weapon. Yes, they can block your blows (all you need to do is stand there in order to block by the way), but they’ll still take some damage.

Depending on who you’re fighting, they may approach things differently. However, if they’re being aggressive, take advantage of a kick or two and just to get in some quick swipes with your weapon. Players can take damage from kicks, but not as much as you might expect. But as mentioned, it’s a nice way to sort of parry your opponent’s attacks, even if they aren’t true parries.

Shadow Energy is Your Friend

In Shadow Fight Arena, you’ll have the ability to use an awesome power called “Shadow Energy”. You fill up a circular meter, and once you do, it’ll turn into a dark, blueish color. From here, tap it, and you’ll gain some powerful abilities as the environment around you changes. 

Depending on the fighter you choose, this is an amazing way to deal punishing damage to your opponents. The catch is that it doesn’t last long at all. You’ll probably be able to get in your special move and maybe another quick hit before it runs out. 

The matches are fast-paced in the game so it’s only fitting that the Shadow mode only lasts for so long before becoming mortal again. Luckily, a few consecutive hits on an opponent will fill the meter again, allowing you to unleash your true powers once again. If not, then just take advantage of the damage done after the first time you filled the meter and finish off your opponent. 


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