Secret Agent Game – The 5 Keys is a new point and click adventure that’s out now on iOS with a limited-time launch discount

Secret Agent Game – The 5 Keys is a new point-and-click spy adventure from indie developer Colin Greenaway (CG Entertainment), out now on iOS devices via the App Store. It’s a free-to-play title that lets you give it a go before unlocking the full game at $1.99, but to celebrate the launch, there will be a limited-time half-price discount.

With its unique approach to your typical point-and-click adventure games, Secret Agent Game – The 5 Keys was designed with this concept in mind: “Why do so many game developers try to make computer games look like ‘real life’ when you can make ‘real life’ play like a computer game?” As a result, the title combines classic elements of old-school titles in the same genre with cinematic realism that aims to engage the player fully into a thrilling narrative.

The interactive world of Secret Agent Game – The 5 Keys tasks the player with foiling a criminal mastermind’s plan. The mission from the Secret Service will take players through different locales around a Harbour, solving puzzles and headscratchers to complete your mission.

From the screenshots of the gameplay, it seems that you’ll have a variety of items at your disposal each time you investigate a certain hand-drawn scene, as well as navigate through a map to get to the bottom of your mission. You’ll also comb through cryptic clues like Egyptian hieroglyphics, plus do some super sleuthing by matching fingerprints.

If you’re curious about this intriguing point-and-click adventure and want to try out the riddles for yourself, you can download Secret Agent Game – The 5 Keys and give it a test run on the iOS App Store today.

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