Scorn – Official Prologue Gameplay Walkthrough Video

Check out 8 minutes of gameplay of Scorn, and watch as the protagonist explores the nightmarish bio-labyrinth world and solves a puzzle in this upcoming horror game. Scorn launches on PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GoG) and Xbox Series X|S (day one with Xbox Game Pass) on October 21, 2022.

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  1. S O M B E R T A P E S T R I E S

  2. This looks so goddam awesome

  3. Pro: Art 100/10
    Con: Did i just realize this is not an action horror game? its a puzzle.

  4. I can't wait for this game to be forgotten and not showing up on my Youtube anymore.

  5. Very disappointed this is Xbox Series X exclusive.

    It’s one thing that it’s not on PlayStation, but this definitely should be available on Xbox One as well.

  6. The only thing this game has going for it is the presentation.

    For a game so many years in the making the gameplay looks dull as dishwater.

    Classic case of style over substance.

  7. Microsoft Door simulator: Hell Edition

  8. Where is combat? Where is gunplay?

  9. I’ve been following this game for a while, am it hasn’t disappointed me. I look forward to exploring the bio-mechanical nightmarish world that is Scorn.

  10. The animation and sound design is very polished. It makes you feel unsettled in the least, which is the puspose. But there was a little too much door opening. I hope that's not what we will mostly be doing. And the suffering guy in the chair had a very short voice line loop. Miniscule but rather more noticed because everything else is so well made.

  11. If this is supposed to excite me and entice me into buying……..It did not.

  12. I still have no idea what this game is about outside of just being a biomechanical walking sim with fps additions

  13. I think this takes the biomechanical artstyle and brings it up to bioindustrial.

  14. this place reminds me of alien

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