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Overwatch 2 – Official Bastion Rework Trailer

The Overwatch development teams reveals the Overwatch 2 Bastion rework. Watch the trailer to see …


  1. a key up max's ass?
    wonder how that got there….

  2. Oh. Oh no. These jokes are either bad or have aged like milk and the game isn't even out yet. Well, I hope it's good in the end but oooooof this dialogue is rough.

    Constructive feedback?
    Inception jokes don't quite land *over a decade after the movie came out*, Max commenting that the player will be judged on their evening gown doesn't make sense on its own (maybe there's a puzzle involving something like that elsewhere?) and "I prefer my screwdrivers with just a hint of beef jerky" is just… not a joke? Like, this is just a collection of quips and honestly only the gag about colored keys lands.

  3. Someone please mod this into a point and click game

  4. Not even close to interested in this. Shame as I love Sam and Max.

  5. Old enough to say I played the original. Just give us a 2nd point and click adventure…with great writing ✍️ is that too much to ask lol

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