S.O.N. – Official Gameplay Trailer #2

Watch the new “found footage” trailer for the upcoming psychological survival horror game.

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  1. Was that a freaking imp from es4 oblivion?! That ain’t scary!

  2. All you need is some vaporwave to fit the mood

  3. Good up till they showed it

  4. If an anorexic goblin just came out of nowhere, I too would just give up on life.

  5. … where'd you find this?

  6. jump scared good…..I like it

  7. I'm onboard except for the blood spelling out "why?"
    Can we stop with the cliched graffiti-based environmental storytelling? I really dig the rest of the aesthetic though. Hopefully it's not a bad execution of a good idea.

  8. Really liking what i'm seeing.

  9. Release date pleaseeee

  10. The horror/thriller genre ie- Resident Evil type games have been making a resurgence lately…..there's a lot of them

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