Rust Console Edition – Official Launch Trailer

Watch the brutal launch trailer for the survival game, Rust, available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In Rust, conquer thirst and hunger, battle the elements, create clothing and stay safe against hostile forces including other players, scientists, bears, wolves, or even succumb to fire, drowning or radiation poisoning. A game without rules, Rust doesn’t tell its inhabitants what to do.

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  1. Is it worth buying yet or is it still buggy

  2. graphics aren't that good lol
    maybe on ps5 and series x

  3. Give us the uncensored version for PC

  4. Wtf. Isn't this game like 12 years old

  5. How does recoil and spray pattern work on console? Same as PC or nerfed for controller?

  6. FIRST!!!! BWAHAHAHA!! ahem.

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