Rome 2077: Space Strategy developer yelaex has detailed several features they’re looking to add to the game

Rome 2077: Space Strategy is an Android game from developer yelaex that released last year. As part of our LaunchPad event, the team has shared a roadmap with us detailing various features that they’re hoping to bring to their strategy title in the future.

The first adjustment they’re hoping to bring to the game will see changes to the AI and balance of the game in general. Currently, the AI works in three different ways which are React, Tactic and Strategic. All of these different dimensions work together using Metrics, as the developer refers to them, that determines how they will respond to various situations.

yelaex are hoping to add new Metrics and improve the existing ones. To help with this, they plan to implement and build a Machine Learning System. Once that’s created they will feed it all the current Metrics and make the AI battle against itself. From there they’ll be able to analyse and discover the best Metric builds for the AI.

They are also hoping to add multiplayer in the future and their setup for it will draw inspiration from Age of Empires, where synchronization between two machines will only show the player’s actions.

Finally, they’re also looking to add new factions to the game alongside making the battle maps more interactive to make them feel more alive. Among those new factions, they’re looking to introduce one that’s neutral called freelancers. The player or AI will then get rewards for dealing with them, which may potentially involve recruitment.

Rome 2077: Space Strategy is available now over on Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.
You can head over to the PocketGamer LaunchPad hub to find all of our exclusive announcements from our two-day event – and don’t forget to tune in at 5 PM UK Time for our amazing reveal stream!

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